Intended Parents Steps

Step 1 The Beginning Steps

First, fill out our online contact form or contact us by phone or email to request our new Intended Parent packet. This includes estimated costs, medical insurance options for your surrogate and information on our agency. Once you review the materials, we will then set up a phone/Skype consultation to answer your questions and go over the next steps.

Step 2 The Matching Process

Next, we will begin looking for your surrogate. Because each case is unique, the time it takes to find you a match can vary. Sometimes we have a surrogate immediately available and other times it can take some time to find the perfect match. We take great care and pride in making our matches, knowing that in most cases, this may be a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Once you and your surrogate determine that you want to work together, we’ll send you an agency contract that outlines our mutual responsibilities. You will return it to us with your initial retainer. We are now officially working together and you are on your road to having a baby!

Step 3 The Screening Process

We choose the surrogates we work with very carefully. They come to us from numerous locations through a variety of means. Before we admit them into our program, they go through a rigorous screening process, including several interviews with various people in our agency. In addition, we complete a criminal background check, thoroughly educate them about the surrogacy process and what exactly is expected of them. Once matched, you and your surrogate will work with us as we walk you through all of the logistics of the surrogacy, starting with setting up and coordinating the medical evaluation through your fertility clinic and psychological screening.

Step 4 Escrow Account

Once matched, we will introduce you to an escrow company who will manage payments throughout the surrogacy process.

Step 5 The Contract Phase

Surrogacy is a very intimate journey, but it is also a business relationship in which both parties are protected by a contract. Each state has its own laws regarding surrogacy and we only work with gestational carriers residing in states where surrogacy is recognized as legal. The contract outlines the rules of the surrogacy for both parties. It specifies what you will be paying for and what the surrogate is expected to do. Some issues can be difficult to discuss, such as financial arrangements or termination and reduction. So, we act as the liaison between you and your surrogate in order to eliminate embarrassment, confusion or frustration. Because there are many intricacies unique to the surrogacy relationship, we only work with top lawyers who are highly experienced in surrogacy contracts and reproductive law.

Step 6 Embryo Transfer

Once the screening process is complete, medical insurance is in place, and contracts are signed, you are ready to begin the most exciting part of this journey — the IVF cycle and embryo transfer. We will assist in coordination between you, your surrogate and your fertility clinic. Communication is the key to this process. We will help stay on top of appointments, medications, payments, general progress, and always welcome your phone calls and questions.

Step 7 Pregnancy

One of our favorite parts of helping others is getting your phone call saying, “We’re pregnant!” We never tire of hearing those words. Now the real fun begins. Our role continues in making certain that both sides are communicating and happy. We also make sure that the contract is implemented from the beginning stages and continues throughout the entire pregnancy. After a pregnancy is well established, your surrogate will begin to see her OBGYN or certified midwife for prenatal care with regular pre-natal check-ups. You are more than welcome to attend these appointments with your surrogate if agreeable by all and location allows.

Step 8 The Birth and After

This is obviously the moment you’ve been waiting for. You will want to focus all of your attention on being there for the birth and adoring your little one after. But our job is not done yet – we will help with all the little things that come up after (like shipping breast milk, making sure medical bills are paid, etc.). We are there to help with all of these details. We also check in with your surrogate frequently and make sure she is doing well both physically and emotionally.

From Us Our Agency Pledge

Our goal is to make your surrogacy journey as problem-free and as emotionally rewarding as possible. We will guide you through the process of surrogacy from the initial steps until after you take your baby home with you. Let us put our experience to work for you. We deal with the details of the surrogacy so that you can concentrate on the miracle of your baby.