About Us

Idaho Surrogacy Agency

A Host of Possibilities believes there is so much to be gained from the surrogate/intended parent(s) relationship. Throughout the many facets of our day to day lives, there are constant challenges put before us. Deadlines at work, family illness or emergency, unexpected repairs to your home or family vehicle, the list goes on and on. The incredible journey shared between a surrogate and intending parents can come with its own special set of challenges that, if not handled properly and in a professional and timely manner, can easily grow out of control and tarnish what should otherwise be an amazing and joyous experience for everyone involved.

​That is where a surrogacy agency with the highest standards, knowledge, experience and attention to detail come into play. We pride ourselves on these points as well as our ability to build personal and meaningful relationships with every one of our clients and surrogates. We insist on going above and beyond the level of personal attention and service than what has been commonly accepted in the industry. This is what sets us apart from any other agency in the country.

A Host of Possibilities is an all-inclusive surrogate agency, working with individuals and couples both nationwide and abroad, yearning to have a child, as well as surrogates willing to give one of the most selfless gifts one can imagine. We use an approach typically not found in this industry, that encompasses the highest level of professionalism, support and compassion. It is our goal to assist the intending parent and surrogate through every step of this life-changing process, acting as both a resource for information and an unparalleled support system, to help make this journey as stress free and enjoyable as it can and should be.