Becoming a Surrogate - Compensation

Surrogacy is not merely an amazing reward and selfless act of giving; it is an incredible opportunity for both you and your family!

From paying off personal debt to starting a college fund for their own children, women who choose to be a surrogate with A Host of Possibilities have used their compensation for numerous ventures that help improve their families’ quality of life. Some have used the funds they received to move their family out of a rental and into their first home. Others have used it to help them attain their degree without needing to take out student loans or to pay off student loans already accrued in their past.

There is no end to the opportunities afforded to you and your family, with the compensation you receive, for helping others who have run out of options. In fact, the owners of A Host of Possibilities used funds received through surrogacy, to help start their own company so that they can continue to help others for many years to come.

Life Insurance

Your intended parents will purchase you a $250,000 1 year term policy.

Medical Insurance

If you do not have health insurance or your current plan excludes surrogacy, your intended parents will purchase you a surrogacy friendly policy for you and ensure that it will be active 1 month prior to transfer and up to 12 weeks postpartum.


If travel is required for your surrogacy, A Host of Possibilities will help secure travel arrangements for you and your travel companion. This includes airfare, hotel and/or a rental car. You will be reimbursed for parking expenses, Uber/Lyft, and meals up to $100 per day for you and your traveling companion. 

Medical Bills

All medical bills related to your surrogacy are paid by your intended parents. When bills are received, simply submit them to the escrow account for payment.

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